I've been a fan of graffiti art ever since I was six years old in the mid 90s. The wide range of styles combined with the temporal nature of the medium renders ugly looking slabs of concrete into beautiful works of art. Growing up in Montreal, some of the earliest stuff I remember were the pieces by FLOW, the BACER flick that ran alongside highway 20 on a rooftop for ages, and incredible works by K6A, DA, and countless other crews. Montreal has changed a lot since then, but one thing that has stayed consistent is that local writers continue to produce impressive works of art that deserve to be celebrated. As a multidisciplinary artist myself, I get a lot of inspiration from seeing new art in unexpected places.

In my teen years I discovered the work of photographer and videographer Henry Chalfant, and I consider Style Wars to be a seminal work chronicling the origins of modern-day graffiti art and culture in New York City. Henry is noted as being "One of the foremost authorities on New York subway art ... his photographs record hundreds of ephemeral, original art works that have long since vanished"1.

For the past three years I've been using my Instagram account (@MontRealShit) to document Montreal's graffiti art scene (the name is a nod to a long running thread on Bombing Science). Not long ago, two well-known local artists contacted me asking for prints of some photos I had taken of their work over a decade ago (luckily they survived a hard drive crash I had in the mid 2010s where I lost a lot of photos). When one of them told me that I'm preserving history through my photos, it really inspired me and got me thinking. I'm not a huge fan of Instagram for photo archival or obtaining high resolution images of artworks, and so I decided to found MTL Street to showcase local street artists from all disciplines. My goal is to boost the international reputation of local artists, create a digital archive of as many works as possible, and conduct interviews to help artists tell the story behind their art.

Stay tuned because I have other exciting things planned in the coming months (like exploring the feasibility of developing an immersive gallery experience in VR)!